Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I will give my body to the DJ

I will give my body to the DJ

No matter the saturnine air   I am
            my body is stunning   nuclear
The music is dearlife thislife afterlife beforelife I am the throbbing

            instrument jubilant apocalypse I taste of salt and ash   
                        My feet are blistered vehicles
arms long pale ribbons   ribs strange   harps plucked by the fingers

of mutinous ghosts   I will not stop
            dancing I will not stop being the fastidious pump
the sanguine sting    I am the truculent one   my torso is your circumstance

Sweet demon    it will end like this   in the glowing
                        and prayerful middle  I will know my death
            in the shattered

dark of the notes as they plummet
            drum-pulse  bass-throb  electric-trill  
                         I am the mutiny
            O the howling staccato bliss of this    my private sacred symphony

Alicia Fisher, June '12

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